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I'm working & writing on the following.
(Always looking for friends & collaborators to jam with.)


Crypto. DeFi. NFTs. Social tokens. DAO, as in Decentralized Associative Order.

Heterodox socio-economic design principles. Architecting Web3 as a polarity of:

Freedom | Community.

Sovereignty | Association.

We urgently need a richer continuum of voices to broaden the range of possibilities within the space.

Einstein's imagination

Einstein ideated in an extraordinarily unique way. In developing his most creative work, Einstein never took his start from the mathematics. He was a visual thinker whose medium was imaginations.

Was this the secret of his unparalleled genius?

Is it possible we have been so focused on his results that we have neglected his greatest legacy: his process of thinking?

And can we teach ourselves to think as Einstein did?

crisis of meaning & sense-making

We’re approaching an epistemological watershed, and (as a friend recently put it) we are faced with the choice of either “hospicing the old or midwifing the new.” Choose Your Own Adventure.

a modern unity of Religion & Science

Integrating soul impulses for Order and Meaning. De-institutionalization of religion. Extending modern scientific consciousness to the direct, unmediated experience of the numinous.

projective geometry

The evolution of mathematical thinking. Cultivating a sense for Order that compasses more than the merely quantitative, calculative, algorithmic.

Perceiving otherworldly structures of non-human authorship, a la The Portal episode with Eric Weinstein & London Tsai.


Superheroes. Jekyll & Hyde.

Achieving escape velocity from the merely earthly (without having to go to Mars).

communities of purpose & practice

In the age of digital fracture, what can restore coherence to communal sense-making? 

Community-curated knowledge networks combining

  • cohort learning
  • community of purpose
  • content-discovery/curation
  • knowledge management tool (Roam)
  • Web3 infrastructure to support creation and distribution of values

Roam Research

We are very early in our understanding of the nature and power of Thinking. We sleep on the better part of our thinking/cognitive capacity, because this part cannot be experienced by the analytical mind.

UX, architecture and design are human products based on certain received conceptions of Thinking. Thereafter, those tools constrain us.

Enter Roam, aptly described as a "video game for your thoughts."

we the Screamers

Eric Weinstein's Portal podcast, episode 40, devoted to Arthur Koestler's haunting essay, The Nightmare that is a Reality.

What is the theory of mind that can illuminate the mechanism of self-deception/repression underlying mass delusion, institutional collapse, the Distributed Idea Suppression Complex?